Toyota-Roadside Assistant Mobile App

Toyota-Roadside Assistant Mobile App The app is designed as a way of better connecting with Toyota registered vehicle owners by giving instant access to value-added services such as vehicle service logs and reminders, directions to the nearest Toyota or registered service centers and instant roadside assistant with collision damage quote inquiry etc... In addition to… Read More

Ballie’s Street Merchant

Baillie’s Street Merchants is an upscale club catering exclusively to the registered high profile Clientele. Therefore Baillie’s wanted an app that enhances the overall experience of the services provided, while staying in touch with its clients. The app hosts a bunch of nifty features such as automated exclusive access and exclusive member facilities just as… Read More

Jat Holdings-Mobile App

JAT HOLDINGS DESIGNED TO REFLECT THE BRANDS IDENTITY, WHILE MAKING MOBILE SHOPPING MORE CONVENIENT. IT'S MORE THAN A TABLE JAT Holdings mobile application was designed to reflect the brands identity, while making mobile shopping more convenient for the user. The main focus of the app was to be a refinement over the already available web… Read More