Toyota-Roadside Assistant Mobile App

Toyota-Roadside Assistant Mobile App The app is designed as a way of better connecting with Toyota registered vehicle owners by giving instant access to value-added services such as vehicle service logs and reminders, directions to the nearest Toyota or registered service centers and instant roadside assistant with collision damage quote inquiry etc... In addition to… Read More

Vallibel PLC

Vallibel PLC The aim was to show a rapid growth in the green energydevelopment cycle and due to increase in demands for green energy, a larger investment was focused on alternative energy sources that will soon produce clean, green power to be used Island wide. To design this 10th anniversary annual report, different vector graphics were specifically designed… Read More

Jat Holdings-Mobile App

JAT HOLDINGS DESIGNED TO REFLECT THE BRANDS IDENTITY, WHILE MAKING MOBILE SHOPPING MORE CONVENIENT. IT'S MORE THAN A TABLE JAT Holdings mobile application was designed to reflect the brands identity, while making mobile shopping more convenient for the user. The main focus of the app was to be a refinement over the already available web… Read More

Open Bar Tap House

Open Bar Tap House They were now almost upon him; their flying mounts charging down on the relatively puny figure at terrific speed, while the warriors leaned low to the right, with their great metalshod spears. Each seemed striving to be the first to impale the poor Zodangan. But all we said, not a word could… Read More